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anonymous prompted: What if there was a fic of Elliot walking in on klaine having sex in the loft when Blaine comes to visit.

Elliott has tried to remind himself—several times—that it would be a very bad idea to crush on Kurt Hummel. Kurt is blunt, oftentimes to the…

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your taste was like wine/your touch was like silver (post 5x05 porn v.2) 


Kurt gets about three sentences into his post-piercing chat with Blaine before the lisp starts making him really, really self-conscious.

"I hate thih," he grumbles. "The hwelling."

"How long is it supposed to last?" Blaine asks sweetly, his pajama’d image on the screen…

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fic: let you put your hands on me 


Older!Kurt seduces schoolboy!Blaine, inspired by this

Flipping a page of his Chemistry textbook, Blaine glances up at Kurt again, watching the muscles in his shoulders move beneath his robe as he makes breakfast, hair wild and curly from bed and a sleepy smirk on his face…

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For those not around last night, I wrote Jude some porn. Follow the links for the original format, or read all of it right here :) NC17, barebacking, weird giggly-then-intense-then-giggly sex, vague piercing kink (Kurt’s tongue)…I think that’s it…

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Anon prompted: doggy-style with blaine worshipping Kurt’s tattoo


“Fuck, I can’t stop staring at it, it’s so hot,” Blaine murmurs, his eyes roaming over Kurt’s exposed back along with his hands.

“My tattoo?” Kurt asks, looking over his shoulder to shoot Blaine, who’s still staring at his back even while fumbling with the lid of the lube bottle, an amused smile.

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untitled teacher!blaine/student!kurt ficlet 


i was really in need of writing something quick and fun, so i wrote this little drabble. it’s extremely short, and i don’t know if there will be more of it, but i just figured i’d post it. enjoy!

When Kurt Hummel first walks into Professor Anderson’s classroom, Blaine…

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Fic: Just Say "I Do" 


5x14 reaction fic, set a few short years later: Kurt and Blaine are finally getting married. No, seriously. They are. At least if Elliott has anything to say about it.

A/N: I just really love thinking about their wedding, and I just really love Elliott, okay? This had to be…

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genuinewarmdecentfeeling prompted: Kurt and Blaine dress each other up in their own clothes for fun and then it turns into a weird kinky Kurt-as-Blaine/Blaine-as-Kurt roleplay thing

“See?” Blaine says when he comes out of the bathroom after his final touch up and…

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Anon prompted: Kurt discovers Blaine swears a lot when he’s turned on and he realizes he kind of likes it.


Fuck, oh fuck,” Blaine groans out between kisses, his fingers clenching in the soft material of Kurt’s shirt, as his clothed erection brushes…

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Fic: Behind the Curtain 


Anonymous prompted: Klaine having ‘sexy time’ but they HAVE to be quiet no matter what.

Read here or at the AO3

Kurt draws the curtain closed behind himself, hurrying over to the bed to slip back under the sheets, rolling onto his side so he’s facing Blaine.

“So?” Blaine asks hopefully, immediately shuffling closer to Kurt, reaching for him to hug him around the waist, slipping one hand under his thin sleep shirt.

Kurt shakes his head sadly. “They’re both staying in,” he says quietly. “I’m sorry.”

“But -” Blaine frowns. “They said they had plans, they said they’d be out by ten, it’s ten thirty -”

Kurt sighs. “Yeah, that’s not happening anymore. Looks like we’re just going to have a quiet night in.” He pulls Blaine closer, rubbing their noses together softly. “I really am sorry. I told them days ago that you were visiting, and they promised.”

Blaine nods, biting his lip and shrugging a little. “It’s not your fault.”

“Do you want to – we could just watch a movie instead,” Kurt suggests. He hates this. He’d been looking forward to some time with Blaine, especially since it’s been weeks since they’ve last seen each other and now the first night they’re back together, his roommates are on the other side of that stupid curtain that just doesn’t block any noise…

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