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everybody loves androids 




everybody loves androids 


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college!au in which blaine can’t help but crush on his attractive roommate, kurt hummel. because there are never enough college roommate aus

Blaine wasn’t quite sure what to do about his hot roommate.

And Kurt wasn’t just hot – oh no. Hot, Blaine could have dealt with. He was an eighteen-year-old guy who had spent his last four years at an all-male private school; he knew his fair share of hot guys at the very least. No, using the word ‘hot’ to describe Kurt Hummel would be like calling Beyoncé an alright singer or saying that winters in Ohio had just a small chill to them.

Because Kurt was gorgeous, he was perfection in human form, he was offensively flawless and Blaine was madly in love with him.

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jillypickle prompted: How about single dad Kurt meets single dad Blaine because their teenagers start dating?

“Okay tell me again. You’re going on what with who now?”

Audrey sighs like the weight of the world is draped across her narrow shoulders and pushes her broccoli around on her plate. “On a date. With a boy. I told you like, a million times Dad, god.

“Okay, first let’s watch the tone,” Kurt says and she huffs, then stabs a broccoli with the tines of her fork. “Second, you are thirteen. Even if you were allowed to date, which you aren’t by the way because you are thirteen, where would you go? How would you get there? Bicycle? Razor Scooter to a romantic picnic under the monkey bars perhaps?”

She scowls and Kurt can’t help the teasing smile on his face. It’s too easy and she’s so cute when she’s pissed off at him. Well, sometimes. The door slamming isn’t his favorite.

“It’s not funny.” She takes a bite of food then looks up, big sad eyes and defeated posture and that does not bode well for his resolve. “He’s really nice and super polite and he said his dad would come and he even asked if I would accompany him to the movies like, who says that? He’s really cute Dad, all the girls in class think so. And Toby.”

“Well if Toby thinks so,” Kurt jokes again, but Audrey still looks put out so Kurt relents. “Okay. Get me his dad’s number and as long as he’s onboard and will be staying with you the entire time I’ll consider it.”

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Blaine takes a dare while tipsy. What could go terribly wrong suddenly goes wonderfully right.

took some silly liberties with “kissed them as a distraction while stealing their wallet au” from this post 

Blaine Devon Anderson is a good, upstanding citizen. He pays his bills on time, he holds doors open for people behind him, and he even saved a cat stuck in a tree once. Unfortunately, even after just one drink, his internal decision-maker starts to go slightly haywire.

Usually, it’s not a problem. He doesn’t drink often, and when he does, he’s with friends who keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. Like that one time he saw a guy subtly terrorizing some young women who were obviously not from the city and decided to solve the problem by punching him in the face. Sure, his intentions had been good, but he ended up getting knocked out in retaliation and was lucky not to be charged with anything. At least the girls were able to get out of that bar and, presumably, return to their hotel safely.

"Hey man, are you coming?"

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Fireflies and Fairy Lights— The Andersons, when Blaine is seven, decide to take a family trip to an isolated campground for a change of scenery, too used to living near the bustling city of Columbus. It’s the third week of July and they’re far from the only family there. While Blaine enjoys all the company, he fixates on one person in particular. (8.2k)

"Dad, where are we going?"

Blaine looks away from the window and towards the driver’s seat, interested in the answer to Cooper’s question. Cooper’s tone is bored; Blaine knows he doesn’t want to go camping, at least not with his family and none of his friends or potential girlfriends. He’s fifteen now, and Blaine is a bit in awe of how old his big brother is - a teenager - but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten the way that Cooper never praised him for finally getting their dance routine right. So Blaine scrunches his nose a little at Coop’s obvious annoyance, because what could be more fun than camping?

"We’re going camping, buddy." Blaine’s frown deepens; Dad never calls them by anything but their name. It’s weird.

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xohrhchriscolfer prompted: klaine showering together because kurt thinks it will save time/hot water in the mornings, but blaine can’t keep his hands to himself and kurt’s getting frustrated like “seriously blaine I SAID NO FUNNY BUSINESS”

Blaine yawns again and nuzzles at Kurt’s shoulder, sliding his fingers just underneath Kurt’s fuzzy robe to grip at his hip. “Mmm, and why did you drag me out of bed for shower sex again?”

"I said for showering, Blaine. Not shower sex. This way we’re saving water and we don’t have to fight over one of us using too much hot water—”

"It’s you," Blaine supplies helpfully. "You’re the one who always uses too much hot water."

"Anyway," Kurt says loudly, "there’s no reason we can’t just share a shower and get clean together. Other couples do it all the time, don’t they?"

Blaine strokes his fingers over Kurt’s bare skin, tilting his chin up to give Kurt a considering look. “The tub is pretty small, though. Are you sure we’re not going to have sex?”

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I just wanna make art and help people.

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Klaine Appreciation Week, Day 4: Favourite Musical Moments in Season 5

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