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"We can determine who has the right to marry and who has the right to choose. What possession should be outlawed and whether or not we should legalize."

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"When I was in college, you know I had my big hair, and this is when they were really huge as the Jonas Brothers — I think the television show was on — and there was a joke where people called me the ‘Bonus Jonas’."

- Darren Criss (x)

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Darren Criss was #1 on the Culturalist’s Top 10 list “Best Broadway hunks to play Christian in a stage adaptation of Moulin Rouge!” (by Broadway.com)

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Darren Criss left a comment on Becca Tobin’s photo.

Darren Criss left a comment on Becca Tobin’s photo.

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it’s funny because usually fans of musicians always want an album of live recordings, but darren criss fans want anything but live recordings at this point 

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Darren Criss photobombing Lea Michele at the American Horror Story: Freakshow premiere on October 5th, 2014.

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